This is Snowflake, Princess Lavender's unicorn This unique and exclusive Pin The Horn On The Unicorn fun game can not be purchased elsewhere. The children will love this beautiful photo of Snowflake (Princess Lavender’s unicorn) relaxing in the lavender field in front of the castle.

Stickers are used to pin the horn on the unicorn

The Princess Lavender Party Pack includes full instructions on when to play and how to play this fun game. There is no pins!  Stickers are provided for each child and a comfortable soft cotton padded blindfold to wear, so no peaking!

Soft cotton padded blindfold with adjustable elasticated strap

Each child gets one turn at wearing the blindfold and sticking the horn on the unicorn. The rules are simple, the child who gets the closest to the horn on the poster wins a prize of your choice.

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn

This traditional game is fun & simple to play.  The poster is printed on quality glossy card, with a stylist design. The blindfold is made from a soft padded cotton and has an adjustable elasticated band to fit all ages….and it’s in purple!


Pin The Horn on the Unicorn


Princess Lavender Party Pack

This Pin the Horn on the Unicorn game is included in the Princess Lavender Party Pack. You can read more about what is included in the pack on our princess party pack page click here.

Princess Lavender Party Pack
BUY NOW £115


You can read about Princess Lavender unicorns on The Story of Princess Lavender page.

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