Welcome and let me introduce you to the Princess Lavender Party Pack, for the very special little birthday girl you are wishing this princess party for.

Whether you are the Mum, Dad, Grandmother or just someone who cares, our pack is designed for you to host the party in the comfort of your own home or a venue of your choice.

In this pack you will find the unique Princess Lavender DVD where Princess Lavender can teach her special skills test to all your party guests. If they pass the test they will receive a Princess Certificate to show they’re a ‘real princess’. Not forgetting our exclusive Princess Lavender Silver Bracelet and Birthday Sash which is a very special gift for the birthday girl from Princess Lavender. How magical!

Princess Lavender Special Gift

The pack includes a straightforward party guide with fun, princess games and easy instructions for you to follow. These will provide you with a well-organised, successful party without the stress of having to think ‘what to do next’. Plus helpful advice for planning a princess party, a list of ‘things to do’ and everything included has been carefully thought out so you can enjoy the party too. From party invitations, balloons, party bags and thank you cards – so all you need to do is order the cake and party food!

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn

See our Princess Lavender Party Pack shop page for a full list of whats included. You will see here more fantastic ideas for any extras you might wish to buy. All our princess party decorations and party bag favours are personally selected by Princess Lavender.

Princess Lavender Princes Pack

This includes everything you need to invite boys to your princess party. The DVD teaches the boys how to become real princes. The pack includes a Princes Certificate, party craft crown and jewels, party invitations, thank you cards, pin the horn of the unicorn extra stickers.

Princess Lavender Party Pack


3 thoughts on “Princess Lavender Party Pack”

  1. An amazing Princess Lavender party was had by my daughter and 16 of her friends!! Completely magical. My 5 year old daughter even stood infront of everyone and sang for the parents at the end I was in total shock. Highly recommend this lovely and truly professional Princess. Thank you again

  2. So a Jumparoo Party for a Jumparoo child = PRESSURE!!
    So we teamed up with Princess Lavender in an attempt to make Teegans 10th Birthday party a truely awesome one,and i have got to say…………It was the BEST Party i have ever been too!!!!! (and i have been to lots and lots and lots)
    I have got to admit a very small part of me was worried that it might be like x factor when the contestant thinks they are amazing and they are…..not!!!
    Oh boy how wrong was i,i still can’t stop thinking about how TOTALLY AMAZING Princess
    Lavender was .She looked stunning,she was confident,she could sing and dance,her interaction with the children through out the party was faultless and most importantly for me she was so so funny.She had the children’s and adults attention though out the party(no one even wanted to go and make a cup of tea in case they missed something.
    I’ve been to Disney world in Florida 3 times so my expectations were high and Princess Lavender really is up to this standard if not higher.
    Thank you so so much for giving our Daughter such an amazing special party.

  3. My daughter had one of the 1st Princess Lavender parties for her 10th birthday…. Wow what can I say Princess Lavender kept lots of 10yr old princesses and princes occupied for the entire duration of the party! The children were absolutely mesmerised by her. We love Princess Lavender. A truely magical-experience!

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