Experience a truly magical party

Join in with Princess Lavender, as she teaches all your party guests how to become a ‘Real Princess’ using her Princess Lavender Special Skills Test!

Princess Lavender uses Fairy Nutmeg’s ‘Enchanted Fairy Bubble’ to introduce herself. She has the most important job in the whole Kingdom of Rozalba. Teaching young ladies how to become REAL PRINCESSES!

Princess Lavender teaches the birthday girl, and her guests, how to become a princess using her ‘Princess Lavender Skills Test’. If they pass the princess skills test each child will receive a certificate and sticker at the end of the princess party.

Princess Lavender DVD

The Princess Lavender Party Pack includes a unique DVD that can be played on your TV or a laptop (also sold separetely). As Princess Lavender can’t attend your party personally, this DVD gives your child that perfect princess party she has wished for. Using the DVD or ‘Enchanted Fairy Bubble’ it really does fill the room with magic and excitement, almost as if she is really there.


A party for girls who believe dreams really do come true and for grown-ups who ‘make believe’. 


Not excluding the boys!
Princess Lavender teaches the fun of learning how to become a REAL PRINCE. They will receive a Prince Certificate at the end of the party. The DVD includes skills to become a Prince and a Princes Pack can be purchased separately to include certificates, crowns and all the extras needed.


Princess Lavender Party Pack


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