My name is Princess Lavender and I come from a faraway Kingdom called Rozalba.

I live in a beautiful white Palace set in fields of lavender that go right down to the beach. On warm sunny days you can watch mermaids playing in the shallow waters and sometimes before the sun goes down, see them brushing their long beautiful hair whilst sat on rocks.

I love to sing and dance around in the lavender fields with my Princess friends, Crystal and Marigold. I’m always playing Princess Games and riding my white Unicorns, Snowflake and Mistletoe, along the golden beach. I adore plaiting their long glittery manes and teaching my friends how to ride too, but my MOST favourite thing of all is visiting special young ladies who want to grow up to be a Princess and hosting one of my Princess parties for them.

I go to ‘The Fairy Godmother School for Princesses’ where my teacher, Fairy Nutmeg, teaches my friends and I how to become a perfect Princess.

The fairies often use Fairy Nutmeg’s ‘Enchanted Fairy Bubble’ to travel to faraway places to save their wings from getting too tired. The Tooth Fairy always uses this Bubble to travel when she’s running a little bit late.

Having so many of these tests to do here in Rozalba, I now use Fairy Nutmeg’s ‘Enchanted Fairy Bubble’ to pass the test onto special Birthday Girls. I also include everything you need to have one of my spectacular Princess Lavender parties too. It’s ever so magical!

Princess Lavender



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