The Princess Lavender DVD will entertain your children for 30 minutes.

This unique DVD features Princess Lavender teaching her special skills test on how to become a true princess. As Princess Lavender can’t attend your party personally, this DVD gives your child that perfect princess party she has wished for. Using the DVD or ‘Enchanted Fairy Bubble’ it really does fill the room with magic and excitement, almost as if she is really there and is a unique fun princess party game.

Party Entertainer

The DVD will entertain your party guest for approximately 30 minutes. Your party guests will follow Princess Lavender’s instructions on-screen and repeat back to her what she has shown them. You can pause, rewind and play as many times as you need to, to give the children a chance to perfect their princess skills. With applause and encouragement each child will feel the pleasure and delight in passing their special skill test.

The Princess Lavender DVD is an easy step by step skills test suitable for young children. Princess Lavender has 7 special skills to become a princess.  Each child can perform their skills individually or as a group and in their own special way. Our DVD gives YOU the choice and freedom to get involved and participate too or not! …it’s up to you.

As Princess Lavender is directly talking to your party guests, each child will feel the magic and real excitement as any princess party entertainer would expect. Plus as promised by Princess Lavender each child will receive a certificate at the end of the party. These will have been provided to you in your Princess Lavender Party Pack (and sold separately), ready for your to hand out, as if by magic they were delivered by Princess Lavender through the ‘Enchanted Fairy Bubble’.

It really is the most wonderful gift we can share with you, to see the smile on each childs face as they pass their test and receive their certificate.

Princess Lavender Party Pack
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