The key to any princess party is planning – so here are a few helpful tips to get you started with your princess party food.

Choose the birthday girls favourite princess party food

My first point of call is to ask the one little person that really matters for their suggestions. If you keep your little birthday princess happy, then this goes along way towards a fun party. Sometimes children come up with the best suggestions – you will be surprised.

Personally I would always go for the traditional british party food with ‘high tea’ and all the trimmings. Fingers sandwiches, fancy cakes and fresh strawberries (maybe minus the cream). The food is prepared before your guests arrive, and presented buffet style, leaving you plenty of time to relax and enjoy your guests.

Presentation is everything! Use a tiered stand for your finger sandwiches, floral patterned bowls & plates, so don’t be afraid to get out your best china. Why not add a candelabra to the table for grandeur and fairy lights wrapped round the base or table for sparkle. Try to stick with pretty pink or purple colours for princess party food and drink, even if you need to buy extra cupcake cases that are pink to place your readymade cupcakes in.

Edible Princess Glitter

Always check for food allergies before you get carried away with the wonderful world of ‘princess-ing’ party food up but one thing we have found to be popular time and time again has been ‘edible glitter’. This is perfect for that truly magical touch.

You can buy it in little pump bottles that makes it easy to spray food, whether it’s savory or sweet – it’s a perfect addition to any princess party.

Avoiding the sugar rush!

Princess party food doesn’t always have to be crisps, sweets and lot’s of cake – although cake is a must in my household. I find most children enjoy the fruit and vegetables sticks just as much, if not more. I will always try to sneak the healthier foods in where I can, then it doesn’t matter so much how many cakes are eaten. Cucumber or cheese & tomato sandwiches cut into fingers or use heart shaped cookie cutters for a delicate bit. Pepper sticks and cut up watermelon or traditional pineapple and cheese hedgehog makes a colourful table display. If the food is presented beautifully this adds to the princess party theme that is elegant and make everything look delicious.


Where and HOW?

With smaller children sometimes it’s easier sitting at a table but if you can’t spare the room then a large picnic rug on the floor works well. Once the food is eaten the picnic rug can easily be gathered up and shaken outside to get rid of the crumbs – much to your Labrador’s delight!

Using a buffet style setting means the children can cue and be served individually, which may save on the amount of food wasted. If you don’t mind breakages and you have dinner plates that fit in with your theme, then this can save money as well as the environment or better still look at your picnic set as these are usually plastic and unbreakable. For younger children, bowls are always a good idea to save food rolling off onto the floor and ruining your carpet. Drinks can be served in plastic goblets or china tea cups. Choose a pink squash, strawberry smoothie or pink lemonade to fit the princess theme party.

Other helpful tips for Princess Party Food

I would always suggest serving food near the middle or beginning or your princess party. This helps relax those children that are over excited and give energy to those who look slightly timid. Keep food time calm with background music, maybe even throw in a princess quiz (included in our Party Pack) to keep children engaged.

More hands make light work. Delegate jobs to grandparents or other parents who are hanging around to help serve food, top up drinks, take photo’s. If YOU are the party organiser then get a game ready for when they finish, such as Pin The Horn on the Unicorn, where they come over one at a time when they are ready.

Place a broom or dustpan & brush visible and in easy reach and ready for a quick clean up. Paper kitchen towels or a clean cloth should be kept in a bowl under the table ready for spillages. Wet wipes and napkins for mucky faces will magically transform everything back to your elegant princess party.

The most important thing of all!

Don’t forget the princess birthday cake and to sing happy birthday!

If you plan to hand out the cake with your party bags, then I suggest cutting the cake as early as possible. You need to allow time for cutting the cake, placing in napkins or on a plate ready for tea time. Delegating the job of cutting the cake ready for party bags, should be given to someone who isn’t busy.

In summary

Plan everything into a schedule, get lot’s of help and don’t forget your camera!