Here are a selection of ideas for playing princess party games.

Royal Treasure Hunt

Wonderfully fun to play. Before the party begins the host/hostess will need to hide a prize of your choice. Dotted around the house/garden or both if you wish leave little scrolls where to find the next clue. It’s fun to do riddles if you know your princesses for example – “go to where Grandmother Willow would be” the answer – in a tree. Or a bit easier ones for example – “ find something green like Ariels mermaid tale”

Cinderella’s Ball Musical Statues

Just the same as musical statues but the party guests can waltz around pretending to dance with their Prince Charming. Same rules apply, the winner receives a prize of your choice.

Princess Says

The same as Simon says but the Birthday girl gets to be the Princess in charge of this princess party game. She has to start the sentence with “PRINCESS SAYS”. The winner is the last one who has successful done as the Princess has said each time and receives a prize of your choice.

Princess Piñata

You can get all different types of piñatas but the best ones are the unicorn ones. You can find these online where they are cheaper than general high street shops.

Princess Petal Perfume

Lovely task for girls and boys to do – boys can make a magic potion while the girls can make petal perfume. All you will need are some small bottles with lids and a handful of different petals to equally distribute amongst the party guests. You can add glitter and crystals if you wish and again these are best found online to keep the cost down.

Craft Tiara and Crown Making

This fun tiara making party activity will keep the children quiet and happy as they get creative and make their own tiaras or crowns. Perfect children’s party game for a princess or unicorn party. Each child can take their tiara home with them to wear when ever and where ever they wish. All you need is a craft card tiara, stick on jewels or gems, glue and felt tip pens. See here for our Tiara Making Kit or Crown Making Kit.


Medieval Princess Hats

Another extra craft task to the tiara and crown making we already provide in our packs, you could extend the craft session (especially if it’s raining) by having your little guests decorate paper cone crowns with sequins, glitter and voile. You will need to provide the extra materials, pastel-coloured card (A3 if you can) elastic and cheap net or voile, to transform into cone-shaped, medieval princess hats but it’s another fun activity the children really enjoy doing.

If you need to buy more craft supplies then ask you school if they have a fundraising website that they use to earn money like BakerRoss or Easy Fundraising, and earn your school some more funds.

Make a Shield

This is nice for the little princes who will be attending the party to make them feel more involved. Cut shields from stiff card, and cover them with foil. When they arrive the princes can decorate them with stickers and gems. You could (if you have time) cut out shapes of lions, dragons, and other heraldic images or you can search for these online along with the other accessories you will need to do this such has sticky glue, foil, cardboard etc.

King’s Gold

Great for as young as 3 years of age. Hide gold chocolate coins around the house or garden. Tell the children that someone has stolen all the king’s gold, and send them off on a treasure hunt. You can give them each their party bag included in our pack so they can keep what they find.

Fancy Dress Competition

Hand out prizes for the best-dressed Prince and Princess. If you think other guests may get upset, include extra categories, too, such as Most Sparkly, Bravest Looking, or Most Original.

A Royal Photograph

Cut out a fancy mirror frame from a large sheet of white card. Ask each guest to pose inside the frame for a royal photograph with the Birthday Princess.

Race to dress up!

All children love a race and if your Birthday girl has a dressing up box it’s time to bring it down because you’ll need a selection of costumes for this game.

You will need to spilt the guests into teams (always good to have adults on hand to help with the little ones or join in!) Each team has to dress as quickly as they can in the outfits laid out in-front of them. If one is dressed they have to help the rest of their team to get dressed too. The winning team in the team all dressed in their costumes first and they receive prizes of your choice.

The Tangle Fairies Footsteps

For the little princesses – 3 years and up find an old Doll with very tiny feet like a Barbie for example, dip her feet in craft paint and let the little ones make fairy footsteps on a piece of light coloured card. Just like Tinkerbell in Peter Pan when she walks across the pirate map. You will need to source the card, craft paint, glitter and an old doll with little feet but it’s a sweet little painting to make. You can also incorporate a little print of their own feet if you’re feeling brave and a hand print it’s up to you but it’s quite a nice keepsake.

Princess Lavender Special Skills Test

This princess party game includes the unique Princess Lavender DVD with the special skills test and easy instructions for you to follow. This unique DVD features Princess Lavender teaching her special skills test on how to become a true princess.

The Princess Lavender DVD is an easy step by step skills test suitable for young children. Your party guests will follow Princess Lavender’s instructions on-screen and repeat back to her what she has shown them. You can pause, rewind and play as many times as you need to, to give the children a chance to perfect their princess skills. They will learn how to become a real princess and receive a Princess Certificate and Sticker at the end of the game. Party entertainment for approx 30 minutes. This game could also be played at a unicorn themed birthday party. Read more>

‘Sack Magic’

Time to raid your daughters dressing up box! Stuff a ruck sack / beach bag / large hand bag full of costumes; tiaras, fairy wings, masks, handbags, wands – as much that will fit in the bag.

The aim of this game is to play ‘pass the parcel’ with the sack but when the music stops the child has to take one item from the sack and put it on. The winner is the child with the most accessories on!

It’s a very funny game and worth having a camera ready for the final result. Make sure you include boys costumes and accessories too if you are to have any boys attend the party.

Pin The Horn On The Unicorn

This unique and exclusive Pin The Horn On The Unicorn fun game can not be purchased elsewhere. The children will love this beautiful photo of Snowflake (Princess Lavender’s unicorn) relaxing in the lavender field in front of the castle. There are no pins! Stickers are provided for each child and a comfortable soft cotton padded blindfold to wear, so no peeking!

Each child gets one turn at wearing the blindfold and sticking the horn on the unicorn. The rules are simple, the child who gets the closest to the horn on the poster wins a prize of your choice. This game could also be played at a unicorn themed birthday party. Read More>


This can be quite a fast or slow game depending on the ages of the children. You will need a silver wand for this game and the children sat down on the floor in a circle. Have some small prizes for each child who participated and for the winner. The Birthday Girl is the wand holder known as the Fairy Godmother. She walks around the circle with the wand tapping gently each child on the head saying ‘PRINCESS’ until finally calling one a ‘FROG’. Once someone has been called ‘FROG’ they get up and chase the Fairy Godmother around the circle to tag her gently. When the Fairy Godmother is tagged she is out of the game and sits in the middle of the circle and the Frog becomes the new Fairy Godmother – the game continues.

Have some treats available for those who participated (tagged out) and are now sat in the circle. The child left over is the winner and receives a prize of your choice. Full instructions and wand can also be found in our Princess Lavender Party Pack.


For more giggles children love to have grown ups involved in this game too. You will need to divide the children up into groups with one child (or an adult!) as a ‘Snowman’ per group. Two or more children have to wrap the child completely in toilet tissue making them look like a snowman. You will need to time the children giving them 2-5 minutes to wrap their snowman. The winner is the group with the best looking snowman, or kindly call a draw between teams. Don’t forget to hold a carrot in place as a nose. The winning team receives a prize of your choice.  Full instructions can also be found in our Princess Lavender Party Pack.


Princess Lavender Special Skills Test with BSL – BUY NOW £15

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