When you work and have a family, it can be hard to find time to sit down and read with your children. Here at Princess Lavender Party Supplies, we are big fans of the bed time story, well an anytime story really! A morning story, a snack time story, a calm down story, a woken up in the middle of the night story, a just because story… But our favourite is definitely the bed time story. A little piece of calm and quiet at the end of a long day and a chance to reconnect before the kids calmly and quietly drift off to sleep. (In our dreams anyway!)

The benefits of reading with your children are well documented:

  • Helping their language skills
  • Building neural connections in the brain (no idea what they are but it sounds great)
  • Promotes a longer attention span
  • Raises their IQ
  • Feeds their imagination and thirst for knowledge
  • Enhances your bond through the time spent together reading and talking

We could go on, but all those great benefits aside, we just love the opportunity to just sit down and relax ourselves at bedtime with the kids. A chance to put off whatever needs doing around the house for a while, be silly and just enjoy story time and cuddles, as before you know it our little darlings probably won’t want either!

Our latest offering to you is a wonderful little story about a Unicorn (who doesn’t love a unicorn!?) and his journey to become Princess Lavender’s much loved pet. It’s beautifully illustrated and includes some British Sign Language (BSL) for your child to learn.


unicorn book
The Naughty Unicorn – paperback – £7