Here are a few helpful tips to throwing the best possible prince and princess birthday party.

Prince Birthday Party Ideas

Prince Birthday Party Invitations

We did struggle to find you any really good free printable prince invitations on a online search so we have created our own for you to download here. Alternatively you can make your own simply by printing using these words below and a fancy royal font with a Serif or script style.

Dear ……. (guest name)  You are invited to ….…… (your child’s name or Prince so-in-so)

On ……. ( Date) Time …….. (Time starts and finishes) Where ……. (location) RSVP …….. (the parents email and mobile phone number)

By order of (Your name or Queen something)

You can print onto white paper and cut & stick onto a blue / purple / gold card or have it as a insert in a blank card you can purchase from a shop. Scroll ideas are another option but might not be the easiest option when handing out at the school / nursery gate or when posting.  If you have girls attending your party see our Princess Lavender Invitations.

Prince Birthday Party Decorations

I suggest you pick your child’s favourite colour for his Prince theme party. Boys love balloons, especially popping them at the end of the party, but look for latex biodegradable balloons and tie up with a natural string. Shop brought bunting is a easy option. Or you could try making your own with string and cut out pieces of wrapping paper in your chosen colour scheme, this can be a fun craft activity for your child in the run up to the party. Try making your own shields with old cereal boxes painted in your chosen colour and made up family crest. These can be hung from the walls to decorate. Buy a can of gold spray paint and use this to decorate your bunting shields and party crowns for your table decorations and party bags.

Princess Lavender Balloons

Prince Party Games


At Princess Lavender we have all inclusive party game ideas for both boys and girls at a prince or princess birthday party. Boys love to dress up as a knight or a prince and Princess Lavender can teach your child how to become a real prince with our Princess Lavender Special Skills Test. This is a active participation game – following Princess Lavender on the DVD onscreen and follow her 7 steps on how to become a prince, princess and royalty. Boys will learn how to bow like a prince, dance like a prince and girls will learn how to curtsey and fan yourself like a princess. Prince certificates are available as an extra to the game that includes princess certificates.

The Prince Games

Set a series of challenges, make sure they are age suitable, each child has to complete the challenge to become a Prince. You could have a board or poster outlining the challenges and games that need to completed. If you dress as a King or Queen this will make it official and make believe – talk through the challenges at the start of the party. You could think of this as a sports day, lots of active games that will keep them going (this idea is great for the warmer weather if you are outside). Races, throwing ball into a bucket, football into a net, fastest boat, dragon egg and spoon race!. Once all the challenges have been complete their is an award ceremony. Maybe at the end of the party you invite each child in turn to kneel in front of you or the birthday boy – you Knight each Prince with your sword, give them a well done sticker and certificate and goody bag.

Princess Party Game with Certificates

Prince, Prince, Frog

This party game is a re-wording of the traditional duck duck goose party game. This gives your party guests a good chance to run around and have some fun. Allow approximately 10 minutes. This can be quite a fast or slow game depending on the ages of the children. You will need a sword for this game and the children sat down on the floor in a circle. Have some small prizes for each child who participated and for the winner.

> In this game the children sit down in a circle facing each other.
> The Birthday Boy is the sword holder known as the King. He walks around the circle with the sword tapping gently each child on the head saying ‘PRINCE’ until finally calling one a ‘FROG’.
> Once someone has been called ‘FROG’ they get up and chase the King around the circle to tag her gently.
> Once the King is tagged he is out of the game and sits in the middle of the circle, the Frog becomes the new King and the game continues.
> Have some treats available for those who participated (tagged out) and are now sat in the circle.
> The child left over is the winner and receives a prize of your choice.

(In order for this to remain a 10 minute game the Frog needs to tag the King so the game ends) NOTE: A quick way to end this game is to quietly tell the child with the sword (the King) to tag every child in the circle as a ‘FROG’ so they all get up and chase the King, ending the game and everyone receives a prize.

Pin The Tail On The Dragon

Pin The Horn On The Unicorn is a fun game for boys and girls at a all inclusive party. We sell a unicorn game but if you are just inviting boys and unicorns aren’t liked, then you could make your own with a pin the tale on the dragon decorated on a large piece of paper and draw and cut out tails ready with blue tac or double sided tape ready to stick.

pin the horn on the unicorn game

Dragon piñata is another chance to get create before the party – ask the birthday boy to help create a dragon from cardboard boxes and paint in your chosen scary colours. Don’t forget red tissue paper flames coming out its nostrils! Fill the body with small toys or sweets and attach thick string or rope to its body ready to hang from someone high such as a tree branch or door frame.  Use a plastic sword to kill the dragon, the kids can take in turns to have 3 hits to the body until the dragon is knocked to the ground or broken open, reveling its insides.

Prince Craft Activities

Make your own crowns is a fun craft activity and is perfect to calm them down before or after food. Decorate your own shields and swords using old cardboard with silver foil, stickers and pre-printed crests or emblems to colour in.

Party Craft Tiaras

Prince Party Food

Prince food can be served on silver or gold plates and drinks in a goblet (search online for these as they look great). Following your theme colours and prince decorations, making the food look fun, colourful and interesting really helps the kids enjoy the food on offer, while making it look delicious. Crown shaped sandwiches served on a tiered stand or a crown shaped pizza is good fun.  A frog or dragon water melon will encourage kids to eat the fresh healthy fruit on offer. If you are all sitting at a table, decorate this in your theme colours, adding your goblets of drink and prince plates. Decorate your chairs with simple fabric banners in your family crest and make sure you include a throne for the Prince himself to sit at the head of the table.


Prince Certificates – something to take home

Prince Certificates are available at Princess Lavender for party game prizes or party bag fillers.  Most children enjoy taking a party bag home. Here are a few other ideas instead of a party bag that can be given as a thank you;

  • Prince Certificate
  • Shield – if you have decorated a shield during your party they can take this home with them, with a certificate and a slice of birthday cake.
  • Sword – a real plastic sword to go with certificate to say they are a real Prince.


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