Once upon a time…your little girl wished for a princess party. With themed decorations, games and pretty party food, here are a few princess party ideas to help.

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Princess Party Ideas – A Royal Venue

Of course we don’t all have a ballroom to host our special princess party – or do we! Sometimes the best princess party idea is ‘research’. You may have a ballroom or beautiful royal location just round the corner and you didn’t even know it. Look at local hotels, Guild Town Hall, Church Rooms. Sometimes all you need is a high ceiling, fancy cornice and a few regency paintings on the walls and your decoration is done. For a small child it’s exciting going somewhere NEW. With elegant furnishings and sparkling chandeliers it may even seem like a princess palace.


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Make sure the party venue has enough floor space for the number of children you have invited, and for games. We recommend you have a table for displaying the birthday cake and party bags. Check how many tables and chairs are needed for a sit down birthday tea and your venue has enough. Or if any extra are needed for party games or craft activities. If you have booked an entertainer they may have a specific space needed. Allow yourself enough time before the party to set up the room you are holding the party in, we suggest 1 hour is not enough if decorations are needed.

Party Invitation

Princess Party Invitations

To send your invitations out all you need to know is location, date and time. If you are booking a venue, then this needs to be booked first and allow 6mths – 1yr lead time ahead of the big day. Once your venue has been booked then your princess party invitations can be sent out. If your party is around a busy holiday period then make sure invites are sent 2-3 months before the party – just to make sure all BEST friends can make it.

Princess Party Invitations and Thank You Cards


Princess Lavender Birthday Girl Sash
Birthday Girl Sash

Princess and Fairy Dressing Up

Create the perfect fairytale party and invite all your guests to arrive dressed as their favourite princess or in their most beautiful sparkly dress.

It’s always a good idea to have a box of spare princess dresses at the ready just incase. Pre-schoolers will love a dress up box in the corner of the room to try on a different princess dress or tiara. You will probably find by the end of the party they could have swapped dresses about 10 times and they will spend plenty of precious moments getting ready together.

A bowl of tiaras, crowns and sparkly hair grips will add the final touch or they would love to make their own tiaras as a party game. See our Tiara Making Kit.

Princess Party Games

There are many princess themed games and some that can be adapted. If you are planning the games as a parent or carer then the classic games can be an easy choice.

The well-known Duck-Duck-Goose game can be altered to Princess-Princess-Frog all you need is a wand. Pin the tail on the donkey is now a popular Pin The Horn On The Unicorn party game.

Our ultimate game suggestion is learning how to become a real princess using our Special Skills Test game. This is a great alternative to a party entertainer as it provides 30 minutes of entertainment by following Princess Lavender’s DVD step by step and each child will receive a certificate at the end of the party.

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Party Bags and Fillers

Whether you love them or hate them, it does seem excepted that party bags are given at the end of a party and the kids do love them.

I suggest you keep it simple. Choose one elegant item, rather than loads of smaller ones that can be fogotten as soon as they get home.  Don’t try to please everyone – just choose a gift that you would love to receive (your childs favourite Princess Lavender Storybook or beautiful jewellery).

Remember –  ‘giving is more important than receiving‘.

Traditionally a slice of birthday cake is given in a paper napkin or you could choose a cupcake box. Prepare your bags before your party begins and have them ready by the door so you don’t forget to hand them out (easily done!).

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See Cakey Weller for cake ideas


Princess Lavender Certificates


Catching that special moment

In order for you not to miss any magic moments, have someone else responsible for taking photos on the day. Unless you have organised a party entertainer and someone else to do all the catering, then taking photos really shouldn’t be your job. Give someone else this job and this will give you the time to sit back, watch and enjoy.

Mandy Milford Photography

Looking back on some special moments and remembering your little princess on her birthday, really is priceless. Whether the photographer is your husband, wife, grandparent, a best friend or a professional, this event really can not be forgotten.

A photobooth for older children is one way to achieve this. The Polaroid instant printers are a brilliant idea so you can take your photo home with you at the end of the party.


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