Princess Lavender Special Skills Test

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This princess party game includes the unique Princess Lavender DVD with the special skills test and easy instructions for you to follow. Each child will learn how to become a real princess and receive a Princess Certificate and Sticker at the end of the princess party game. Party entertainment for approx 30 minutes.

Party Age: 3 to 9 years old

Party Number: 10 children including Birthday Girl

An electronic MP4 download available on request.

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The Princess Lavender DVD will entertain your children for 30 minutes with this unique princess party game.

This unique DVD features Princess Lavender teaching her special skills test on how to become a true princess. The Princess Lavender DVD is an easy step by step skills test suitable for young children. Your party guests will follow Princess Lavender’s instructions on-screen and repeat back to her what she has shown them. You can pause, rewind and play as many times as you need to, to give the children a chance to perfect their princess skills.

Plus as promised by Princess Lavender each child will receive a certificate at the end of the princess party game. These will have been provided to you in your pack, ready for your to hand out, as if by magic they were delivered by Princess Lavender through the ‘Enchanted Fairy Bubble’.  Read More >

Party Age: 3 to 9 years old

Party Number: 10 children including Birthday Girl


x1 Princess Lavender Introduction DVD – An electronic MP4 download available on request.

X1 Instructions for Game and Special Skills Test Sheet

x10 Princess Lavender Certificates

x10 Princess Lavender Stickers

Our beautiful unique party collection is designed by us – manufactured and sourced in the UK. A sign language DVD is available for children who require it. We avoid plastic packaging where possible and use materials that can be easily recycled or re-used.

2 reviews for Princess Lavender Special Skills Test

  1. Becca M

    Just wow!!! Me and my daughter attended one of these parties a few months ago and it had us both absolutely mesmerised by Princess Lavender!! We haven’t experienced anything quite of this standard in a child’s party before! The children had such a magical experience doing this and I am currently being begged by my 7 year old to have her own Princess Lavender party for her next birthday! I will definitely be ordering this for my little princess next year and we can’t wait! This does not fail to impress! Well done Princess Lavender my daughter and her friends have not stopped talking about you!!

  2. Helen B

    My two children loved the party they attended. A treat for all the little princes and princesses out there.

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