Who We Are

Princess Lavender Ltd was founded by two Mothers in 2016 to provide a unique collection of high-quality princess party products and party planner, supporting parents as well as grandparents & carers, to create a perfect princess party.

Princess Lavender parties aim to inspire. Help grown ups hosting the parties, to make it a day the child will remember in years to come. Our pack focuses on three key areas. An attractively presented and high quality essentials for princess party products. A well-organised, successful party plan that is easy to use with a unique design. A collection of products and ideas; very good value for money, that you simple won’t find all together in one pack.

Georgina Jackman is mother and step-mother to four girls and Director of Princess Lavender Ltd. Georgina originally created the Princess Lavender character back in 2008, for her daughters enjoyment. She has since transformed the character in 2014 into a brand and unique party planning pack and princess party supplies.

A special note from Georgina (Princess Lavender)…

“I am a Mummy to four Princesses – two little ones of my own Scarlett and Arabella and two wonderful big step-daughters Eloise and Maisie who gave me the idea of the Princess Lavender character many moons ago when they were little.

Over the last ten years, for my girls I have been a Lion, fairy, Dragon, troll, Mermaid, Cat, Queen…. – you name it I’ve been it for the sake of role play but the most popular character I have played time and time again has been their favourite PRINCESS LAVENDER.

As Princess Lavender I have entertained them throughout the years for fun, at their Birthday parties, their friends parties and sometimes just to get hair brushed, vegetables eaten or for the bedtime routine just to run a little more smoothly; and to be honest I have loved every minute creating those happy memories.

As a student I studied Drama and gained my qualifications in Performing Arts, Dance and Theatre Studies. I went on to do many shows but found this more to be a hobby than a career as I wanted a family of my own but I retained my love of performing, especially for children and that is why I decided to turn my passion into something close to my heart that other children can also enjoy.

Whilst pregnant with Arabella I started writing my Princess Lavender stories and bringing the character to life.

Princess Party Entertainer

In 2014 I decided to host children’s parties myself as Princess Lavender uniquely tailoring the party to the birthday girl including the story of Princess Lavender, her friends, her kingdom and her special unicorns Snowflake and Mistletoe and her special princess test.

With the help of Melissa’s beautiful graphic skills and Chris and Corina at Jumparoo in Salisbury getting the ‘princess party ball rolling’ the parties were very successful.

After hosting many Princess Lavender parties for my girls and others I began to notice things I would like included as a parent hosting a princess party and decided to take all my ideas to my best friend Melissa. Thanks to her amazing skills, patience and tenacity we have created the perfect Princess Party Pack we feel ticks all the boxes to make a perfect memorable princess party”.

At Princess Lavender Ltd

Princess Lavender is a ‘make belief’ princess with all the qualities of the well-known princesses thrown into one. She teaches all that is required to become a true princess in her magical kingdom that is key to our Party Packs.

We design, make and source the products that we, as grown ups, feel is needed to create a perfect princess party. Knowing what works – and what doesn’t. Testing everything we make and we only sell what is beautiful, purposeful, useful and classy.

Georgina and her close friend Melissa Seymour has developed the brand Princess Lavender over the years and officially launches the Princess Lavender Party Pack in 2017. Mother of two and Graphic Designer, Melissa Seymour, helped bring the world of Princess Lavender to life on paper & screen. This now means that everyone has the opportunity to hold a little piece of magic and host the princess party they have always wished for.

A special note from Melissa….

‘For me Princess Lavender is a chance to bring magic to my life and create a wonderful world of fairytale. My life is filled with princess dresses, tiaras and unicorns now anyway with two young girls. So designing and creating Princess Lavender was so much fun.  With my best friend by my side, we hope to have created a pack that is unique to the market and the kids will love. Every child deserves something a little bit special. They are small for such a short space of time. We have to make the most of this time and that’s what I plan to do. For most this pack will be a once in a lifetime chance to host a princess party that is stylish, easy to use and provide memories you can cherish; before YOUR ‘little princess’ grows up!’

Based at Salisbury in Wiltshire and Andover in Hampshire. The best way to contact us in through our contact page and we will get back to you.